Wellness Coaching

Full qualified, bespoke guidance

Wellness Coaching at HD1 Fitness Clinic is delivered by experience practitioner Trevor Seymour. Trevor utilises his experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

You will be amazed at what your body is capable of doing; we will help you tap into that inner motivation.

Meet Trevor

Trevor has helped hundreds of people like you achieve their fitness goals.

From working with professional athletes including cyclists, golfers and those that simply want to lose weight and get fitter.

Working across the UK in some of the biggest gym facilities, to coaching owners of businesses and almost everyone in between, people come to me to take on training programmes, get that extra motivation and learn about what their own bodies are able to achieve.

Massage Therapy

We have massage therapists working from HD1 Fitness Clinic offering all types of therapy, from Sports Massage to Holistic Massage.

TMS Well Being work out of their own clinic within HD1 Fitness Clinic and you are able to book on here or go to www.tmswellbeing.co.uk.

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Please note that services provided by HD1 Fitness Clinic are subject to change in adherence with the latest coronavirus regulations. Call 01484 300476 for the latest information.