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Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm, and Saturdays at 10.00am

vSpin by HD1 Fitness Clinic provides the ultimate high-intensity work-out for people of all athletic ability and goals.

Sessions are led by professional wellness coach Trevor Seymour and his team of experienced instructors.

vSpin sessions offer great value for money and provide real results to be benefit your physical and mental fitness.

Participate from home from your own spin bike, exercise bike or power trainer in your preferred slot.

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The ultimate – flexible – high intensity work-out

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About the HD1 Fitness Clinic

HD1 Fitness Clinic is more than a gym.

We not only offer the best all-round wellbeing Services, but through recruiting the right personal trainers, fitness coaches and therapists, we empower our users.

We help to tackle the cycle of stress, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other issues, including mental health, and build a brighter future for the community.