Gym Floor Access

Come and take a look around, we have enough equipment to give yourself a great workout, plenty of space without the worry of over crowding and access to the gym during opening hours.

We have a total of 5 squat stations, plenty of weight lifting benches, 6 Olympic barbells and a range of bumper plates to suit your needs, 2 rowers, 1 treadmill and stationary bikes to help you with your cardio training or warm up. If you would like to take a look around before you sign up, get in touch with HD1 Fitness Clinic via our Contact page on this website or phone 01484 300476/ 07502669148 for an appointment to look round. You might want to join our Weight & Shape programme that includes gym access. There is plenty of space, so no concerns about over crowding, we are more than just a gym, we have massage and personal training under one roof. Simply fill out the application below, you will be given a front door access code and you can use our gym facilities during opening hours.

Cross Fit Equipment
Functional Training
Range of Cardio Equipment

Do you need more?

We have dedicated fitness packages suited to your needs, take a look and join us today!