Our Story

We opened HD1 Fitness Clinic in Huddersfield with a vision in mind; we not only offer the best all round well being services, but through recruiting the right Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches and Therapists, we empower them to break the cycle of stress, anxiety, obesity, type 2 diabetes and many other issues including mental health and build a brighter future for the community.

The journey to health and well being

Finding the clinic you can truly get results didn’t happen overnight, it started with a vision whilst on holiday and it took a lot of hard work and a lot of checking out gyms, leisure centres, asking ourselves how can we do it better and offer everything under one roof.


Bringing it home

We opened HD1 Fitness Clinic, we now have a group of therapists, personal trainers and we have created a team that work together to get results with the customers and community of Kirklees. We have plans in the future to open a healthy option cafe, offering food that will help customers understand the importance of eating the right kind of meals.

Transforming communities

Each service we offer was carefully thought out; there is a considerable amount of stress, anxiety and many other physical and mental health issues in the community. We have massage therapists on site that can help using their skills and treatment to help you relieve the stress and anxiety you may hold within. There is a very high percentage of obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and several other physical health issues within the community, we have personal trainers and fitness instructors on site to help the community with ways to improve their own well being. We have a life coach who works with us on several of our projects including our free well being package, empowering members of the community with their mental health.


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